WareHouse management system

K. Motion Warehouse Advantage (K. Motion WA) is the industry’s leading WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution for managing material flows in supply chains, offering advanced and industry-specific functionality with the ability to manage even the most complex storage environments. 

K.Motion WA effectively manages all resources of distribution and supply centers, including warehouses and service areas, equipment, handling equipment and people. This suite of software tools also includes a traffic management module. K.Motion WA is designed in the simplest way for the users:

FEATURES: Simplicity, stability, security, scalability, speed and reliability, flexibility, changes and additions of new functionalities, timeliness, consistency, support for high-availability configurations, language localization, product suitable for corporate environments.

BENEFITS: simple, flexible technology platform that quickly adapts to demand, optimizes processes and production in a cloud or local deployment, and at the same time integrates corporate ERP, TMS and YMS software. The terminal and computer interface is easy to localize into other languages.