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Those insterested in our products and services are most often brought to us by the need to manage the increasing volume of distribution or production with the current lack of human resources. We help companies improve the performance and efficiency of their warehouse and production operations throught advanced human resource management, technology, warehouse automation and material flow optimization.

Warehouse management system

Solution capable of managing even the most complex warehouse environments.

Dynamic simulation of logistics processes

Dynamic simulation of the warehouse model capable of reveling untapped potential.

Integration of logistics systems

A tool for connecting WMS with enteprise information systems and equipment used in logistics, trade and production.

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in the field of logistics management.

About us

About us

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We improve logistics processes

For almost 30 years, we have been helping companies increase their competitiveness and efficiency by improving information systems for Supply Chain Management with a focus on warehousing, manufacturing and distribution in the context of efficient logistics processes. We respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers and are involved in the development of information systems, their implementation and subsequent technical support.

Case studies

You can download case study of warehouse management system implementation below


We are introducing a new compact product. The solution with a clearly defined price and a range of functionalities that fit together perfectly. All available as paperless system with real-time monitoring.
Constrained by shortages across their supply chains, manufacturers prioritize Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to keep production on schedule, so customer shipments are made on time-proving how invaluable every effort focused on improving warehouse management performance is today.


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