Our mission is to select and implement advanced, unique solutions that bring competitive advantages, taking into account the real needs and capabilities of customers in differend industries.

Our customers include multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses operating in the region of the Czech Republic.

Today´s business environment is highly competitive, complex and still changing, due to increasing customers claims with cutting costs. We bring other solutions for warehouse management system (WMS) including warehouse simulation, integration suite, logistic consulting and support to all types of companies to implement developed and unique solutions bringing competitive advantages due to real needs and abilities of our customers.


  1. Experienced implementation team: Implementation team consists of almost 20-years experienced consultants with  the implementation of projects for  similar or larger scope within the Czech Republic and abroad.
  2. Ability and willingness to look for ways how to improve procedures in order to increase warehouse performance, productivity, security, etc.
  3. Proven and universal solution for the design of pallet composition in the conditions of a very diverse range in terms of logistics attributes.
  4. Software technology enabling unlimited adaptation to the specific requirements and needs of individual customers while maintaining the possibility of easy upgrade of the entire WMS system.
  5. The robust three-layer architecture of our WMS enables parallel operation on multiple servers for load balancing and increased overall performance, as well as for the smooth running of the system even in the event of a single application server failure.
  6. Long-term improved technical support service in a continuous mode, especially for demanding customers from the automotive sector (such as ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.).
  7. In addition to WMS, we have several other related applications in our portfolio, e.g. scheduling loading time windows, tools for analyzing historical and current WMS data, a document management module integrated with WMS and many others.
  8. Extensive set of ready connections to most of our warehouse automation elements.

Subcontractors and dominant car manufacturers use our solutions to manage inventory and flow of materials, components, semi-finished and finished goods.

Our solutions are used by food and drink manufacturers and distributors for their warehouse logistics to manage handling equipment, human resources and warehouse automation more efficiently.

Customers’ expected and demanded choice of how to purchase and deliver goods requires all manufacturers, distributors and end sellers to support all traditional and modern sales channels. For those facing this challenge, we have solutions in our portfolio that are proven by global retailers. Supplying stores or selling directly to customers via e-shops.

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Warehouse system management


Dynamic simulation of logistics processes


Interconnection of logistics systems

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