We are currently preparing a new product

We are introducing a new compact product. The solution with a clearly defined price and a range of functionalities that fit together perfectly. All available as paperless system with real-time monitoring.

K.Sight CLASS warehouse software design application enables companies to easily test and evaluate warehouse configurations and operational process changes in computer model. The intuitive user interface allows the operations to create a 3D of a warehouse. Complete with zones, people, forklift trucks and other material handling equipment. Users can walk thought their virtual warehouse to gain a perspective layout and observe the performance of the entire operation.

As the model progresses throughout the day, comprehensive key performance data is captured to allow the benefits or different scenarios to be compared.

For more than two decades DATA SOFTWARE BRNO applications have assisted in design of innovative supply chain strategies, supported capital investment decision, and have enabled companies to find their commercial edge. To learn how we can help your business contact us at info@dsb.cz.

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